Established Since 1988

Why PCS ?

At PCS we offer the simplest way of incorporating a company, establishing a Trust or Self-Managed Superannuation Fund. No complicated processes and pre-registering. We make the process as simple as possible and provide you with a speedy and accurate service.

What Makes Registering a Company with PCS Unique and Easy

  • No need to print forms and have all directors' sign before incorporation. A consent form for directors' can be ticked on our application form.
  • You don't lodge Form 201 (ASIC application for a new company) yourself from our site, we do it for you and deal with the problems that can arise with some ASIC lodgements when they are rejected or processed manually.
  • You don't need to download approved documents from our site, we email or courier them to you.
  • Pre-approved accountants/clients can be invoiced for the full amount, no need to pay upfront.
  • No need to pre-register, login or remember passwords.
  • Established since 1988, PCS is one of the oldest and most trusted Online Company Registration sites in Australia.
  • A phone call away for help, we are real people, not just an automated computer program.

Registered ASIC Agent

Professional Corporate Services (PCS) is a registered ASIC agent (#28584) to act as an intermediary between you and ASIC. For more details about ASIC, please visit their website: