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Restricted words for a Company name

The following are a list of words or phrases that ASIC will reject in a company name. This list is not complete, and in some cases consent can be applied for with the appropiate body to use certain words.

  • Identical name to an already incorporated company or business
  • Offensive or undesirable names in the opinion of ASIC
  • Includes the words Commonwealth or Federal, or suggests a connection with the crown, Government of a State or Territory, local authority, Government department or the government of a foreign country
  • Suggests a connection with Royalty or ex-servicemen's organisation
  • Sir Donald Bradman
  • Mary MacKillop
  • Aboriginal Corporation
  • Aboriginal Council
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Chamber of Manufactures
  • Chartered
  • Consumer
  • Co-operative
  • Executor
  • Friendly Society (other than in relation to the conduct of a financial business)
  • GST or G.S.T.
  • Guarantee
  • Incorporated
  • Made in Australia
  • police or policing
  • RSL or R.S.L.
  • Starr Bowkett
  • Stock Exchange
  • Torres Strait Islander Corporation
  • Trust or Trustee
  • Anzac
  • Geneva Cross or Red Cross
  • United Nations
  • University
  • Names relating to financial institutions where the consent from APRA is required:

ADI, bank, banker, banking, building society, credit society, credit union, friendly society

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