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Benefits of having an individual or corporate trustee for a SMSF

If individuals act as trustees of your SMSF, then you minimise the administrative work and upfront costs of establishing a company to act as trustee. Other benefits are: no ASIC forms to complete to establish the SMSF no ongoing ASIC reporting obligations to comply with, and fewer procedural issues to deal with, as there are more flexible requirements for holding trustee meetings and no need to...

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How to apply for a business name

You can apply for a business name on at the same time as you apply for your ABN etc. If you already have an ABN you can apply on . Before you apply on ASIC website you must be registered for ASIC Connect, and logged into your account. You can register for an ASIC Connect account on their website. The cost for a business name is $34 for one year, or $80 for...

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I have a business name, now I want a company in the same name

If you already have a business name, PCS can incorporate a company for you with the same name. Just supply the ABN of the business or the business number if registered before 2012. The owner of the business must be a shareholder in the new company, or if the business name is owned by a trust, then the trustee of that trust must be a shareholder in the new company.

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Restricted words for a Company name

The following are a list of words or phrases that ASIC will reject in a company name. This list is not complete, and in some cases consent can be applied for with the appropiate body to use certain words. Identical name to an already incorporated company or business Offensive or undesirable names in the opinion of ASIC Includes the words Commonwealth or Federal, or suggests a connection...

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How to apply for ABN, GST, PAYG, TFN and AUSkey

It's free to apply online for an Australian business number (ABN) with the Australian Business Register (ABR) To be entilled to an ABN you must be carrying on an enterprise in the form of a business. Possible business structures: Individual/Sole trader Partnership Company Trust Superannuation entity Deceased estate Although everybody can apply, only those who are entitled...

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